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RF015 Ralaflex Universal
  • Universal is an all purpose film
  • Quick application times (see specification)
  • Can be applied at low temperatures
500mm width - Available by the metre
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Please note - due to variations in screen displays, colours shown are a guide only. If you require specific colours please contact print@ralawise.com for further help.

Please note - This product must be kept below 25°C

Please note - Sample colours may vary
see directory page
Please note - This product is non returnable

  • RF015AGRE
    Apple Green
  • RF015AQGR
    Aqua Green
  • RF015AWHI
    Arctic White
  • RF015BAPK
    Baby Pink
  • RF015BEIG
  • RF015BERR
  • RF015BURG
  • RF015EBLU
    Electric Blue
  • RF015EGRE
    Electric Green
  • RF015EORA
    Electric Orange
  • RF015EPIN
    Electric Pink
  • RF015ERED
    Electric Red
  • RF015EYEL
    Electric Yellow
  • RF015FLEM
    Fizzy Lemon
  • RF015FLRD
    Flame Red
  • RF015FNAV
    French Navy
  • RF015GMET
    Gold Metallic
  • RF015GYEL
    Gold Yellow
  • RF015HOCH
    Hot Chocolate
  • RF015HOPK
    Hot Pink
  • RF015JBLA
    Jet Black
  • RF015KELL
    Kelly Green
  • RF015LRED
    Light Red
  • RF015MINT
  • RF015MOGY
    Moondust Grey
  • RF015OCRU
    Orange Crush
  • RF015PURP
  • RF015RGLD
    Rose Gold
  • RF015ROYA
  • RF015SMET
    Silver Metallic
  • RF015SKYY
  • RF015SYEL
    Sun Yellow
A universal PU film that can be applied to most fabrics (cotton, polyester, polycotton blends and uncoated nylon). It has a very pleasant soft touch, and has excellent weeding qualities even with smaller detail due to its tacky backing film. This also makes re-positioning the film very easy. The raw materials are ecologically inert, do not contain PVC, plasticizers or heavy metals (in accordance with OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 category 1) and are also REACH compliant.

Application times as follows: Polyester - 130 degrees for 5 seconds. Cotton - 130 degrees for 5 seconds - 150 degrees for 4 seconds - 160 degrees for 3 seconds. Uncoated Nylon - 150 degrees for 5 seconds, then 5 seconds re-pressing after peel. PET Liner should be removed warm.

Washing Instructions
Polyester - 60 degrees. Cotton - 40 degrees. Uncoated Nylon - 40 degrees. Suitable for tumble drying. We always recommend performing an evaluation on test material before actual garment application.