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What's new in the Ralawise Webshop?



Quick Shop Enhancements



 Quicker and easier than ever before...


We have made a number of enhancements to quickshop which should make a big difference!

1. You can now hover over a colour and highlight the row. This makes sure you add the correct colours and sizes to your basket.
2. We have created new buttons for toggling through the size range of a product.
3. You can now see the total value of your shopping basket directly from quickshop.
4. Quickshop is the now the fastest ordering suite in our industry! 


Shopping Cart Links



 Access products & brands direct from your cart...


Need to quickly add some different colours/sizes of a product to your cart? No problem! Just click the product code, product name or brand and hey presto! Give it a try!


Additional Search Field



 No more scrolling...


Find the products you need faster than ever before! We have added a new search field to the bottom of our product page. This of course will save you time scrolling up and down the page!