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BC900 Morf® original
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Seam-free for comfort
  • Breathable fabric

100% Polyester microfibre

One size (50 x 25cm)
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  • BC900ABLU
    Airforce Blue
  • BC900ACAM
    Arctic Camo
  • BC900BLAC
  • BC900BOTT
    Bottle Green
  • BC900BRED
    Bright Red
  • BC900BROY
    Bright Royal
  • BC900BURG
  • BC900CHOC
  • BC900CLPK
    Classic Pink
  • BC900CRED
    Classic Red
  • BC900FORA
    Fluorescent Orange
  • BC900FPIN
    Fluorescent Pink
  • BC900FYEL
    Fluorescent Yellow
  • BC900FNAV
    French Navy
  • BC900FUCH
  • BC900GRAP
    Graphite Grey
  • BC900HGRE
    Heather Grey
  • BC900JCAM
    Jungle Camoflague
  • BC900KELL
    Kelly Green
  • BC900LGRE
    Light Grey
  • BC900LIME
    lime Green
  • BC900MNCA
    Midnight Camo
  • BC900MINT
  • BC900OLIV
    Olive Green
  • BC900ORAN
  • BC900PURP
  • BC900SAND
  • BC900SAPP
    Sapphire Blue
  • BC900SKYY
    Sky Blue
  • BC900SUBL
    Surf Blue
  • BC900WHIT
  • BC900YELL
Multi-purpose use. Breathable fabric. Machine washable/non iron. Seam free for comfort.

Decoration Information
Please note, the print area needs to be considered. Whilst you can print the whole piece of material, the way you wear the product means you may wish to mark your print area out only. Cover the whole product with Teflon whilst printing. Can be Transfer Printed, HTV Printed, Printable Media, sublimated (Whites). Whilst these products can be printed with a vast array of HTV and printable medias we recommend the following products.
RF015 Universal HTV at 130 degrees for 5 seconds.
MT107/117 123 HTC for 120 degrees for 8 seconds.
RF025 Universal Printable Media at 130 degrees for 5 seconds. 
The Magic Touch wow transfer paper or Tone on light colours. 
Sublimation (cover the whole mask with sub paper and press around 190 for 1 minute.)(Light Colours Only)
Higher temperatures may cause heat warping and marks where the transfer has been pressed.

Washing Instructions
Machine wash warm. Do not iron. Do not dry clean