In order for us to best support your 2021 planning, we have now published our discontinued list for your information. Please click the link below for the detailed list. 


In order that we can ensure you receive credits for returned items before the end of the year, we do please ask that you follow the
below steps.

  1. Official paperwork must be requested and received prior to return, from the Ralawise Return Team. You can request a return through the ‘Returns’ section on the ‘Your Account’ section of the website or by emailing We ask that you please submit your requirements no later than Monday 23rd November 2020.
  2. We ask that when returning any of the discontinued items, that if you can separate these from any other returns you may have. Please make sure to attach our discontinued returns label to your return, which you can download here.
  3. Items will need to be received back in to the Ralawise warehouse no later than Monday 30th November 2020.
  4. Please note, discontinued items received back in our warehouse after Monday 30th November 2020 may not be processed.
  5. All of our standard Terms and Conditions apply and can be found in the ‘Returns’ section in the ‘Delivery & Payment’ section on the Ralawise homepage.

You can of course contact our dedicated team on 01244 838393 should you require any help on the above.

Thank you,



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